"Palouse" and "The Deluge"

"Palouse" and "The Deluge"

Art about the Missoula Ice Age Floods

is a suite of paintings and drawings depicting the events at the end of the last ice age when Glacial Lake Missoula broke past its ice dam and raced west to the Pacific Ocean. Evidence in the wake of these Ice Age Floods are Washington's scoured channeled scablands, rich soil deposits in Oregon's Willamette Valley and countless erratic rocks, which were rafted on icebergs, throughout the region. These works, utilizing the research and opinion from the geologic community, are the result of the illustrator's efforts to take the viewer back in time to the Missoula Ice Age Floods; a story that is still unfolding. As new scientific evidence is uncovered the overall "picture" of the floods changes. This new evidence is then taken into consideration by the illustrator when creating further additions to this collection.

""Palouse" and "The Deluge""

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 32" x 58"
A now and then pair of images of Palouse Falls. Each 32" x 58".
The Rowena Incident

"The Rowena Incident"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 10' x 9.5'
The Rowena Incident is a commissioned work painted for the
permanent collection of Ice Age section of the The Dalles
Discovery Center in The Dalles, Oregon. The work was
completed while Stev's traveling Ice Age Art exhibit was also
on display in the museum.
Ages End

"Ages End"

Medium: Acrylic on Panel
Size: 48" x 24"
Dry Falls Aerial

"Dry Falls Aerial"

Medium: Pencil
Size: 20" x 10"
The Bellevue Erratic

"The Bellevue Erratic"

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 22" x 22"